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    , Rs. 750.00

    Now you can enjoy all the benefits of a clothes rack without having to dig holes or mix cement. When it’s not in use you can simply fold it away for easy storage. Perfect for condominium units, small yards, rented properties. you could even use it for towels and simsuits when you are camping


    Rs. 995.00

    Cleaning your house with a traditional mop is possibly the biggest chore that you have to endure in order to maintain a spotless house. When we trod all over the house, no matter how many times we wash our feet, bacteria, dirt, and more will reside on our floors. Now, you can be a wizard in your home with the Spin Mop Magic Mop + Cleaner Bucket + 2 Mop Heads. There will be no need for you to spray on tonnes of anti-perspiration before rolling up your sleeve to mop your house. The Spin Mop Magic Mop + Cleaner Bucket + 2 Mop Heads will do most of the mopping for you.